I'm an individual differences researcher, focussed mostly on the construct of intelligence. In most of my research, I use statistical techniques such as confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling to help uncover the number and nature of dimensions that constitute intellectual functioning. Currently, I'm very interested in investigating the various multi-factor models that can be used to represent individual difference constructs, as the different models yield different results and interpretations. In my role as an educator, I teach statistics and psychometrics to psychology students at the University of Western Australia.


Senior Lecturer (Level C), School of Psychology, University of Western Australia


Director of Research & Development, Genos (2008-2011)
Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia (2006-2007)
Lecturer, School of Psychology, Deakin University (2004-2005)


PSYC3301 - Psychological Research Methods - Design & Analysis
PSYC3302 - Psychological Measurement & Its Application
PSYC5512 - Statistics for Field Research (Structural Equation Modeling, actually)